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This route leads over several old estates such as Santiani and Monnàber. Winding dirt roads through lush green meadows, this is how the country site of Mallorca must have looked like 2 centuries ago. Passing fallow fields and ancient olive groves we discover the surprisingly quite hinterlands of Campanet. Part of this route follows the old road from Pollensa to Selva, which ran parallel to the Sant Miquel stream. Nowadays you will hardly find anybody in the area, this extraordinary well-preserved landscaper all for yourself. A small track of paved road takes us to the centre of Campanet were a cup of coffee on the main square is a pleasant way to take a small break before returning to Monnàber Nou. An ideal walk for the whole family, or just to for a morning or afternoon to explore the surroundings of the Monnàber property. 

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Km 00:00 WP main entrance courtyard Monnaber Nou

  1. with your back to the gate entrance, turn right (downhill, towards Archway)
  2. with your back to the hotel we walk towards the stables
  3. In the stables we go to the left, the path becomes narrower (caution with traffic). On the left we see the old mill from Monnaber, we cross the small bridge and come to the main road Cami Blanc.



  1. We turn right towards Campanet. The road rises about 100 meters until we come to a path called “Cami del Sant Crist” on our left. (A Small sign points the way out)
  2. At first, it is an unpaved, flat path, which increases further and rocky and uneven, up to Campanet, leads.


Km 3.5 WP Camí Son Cabo

  1. On leaving the path Sant Cristo we come to a crossroads with paved roads. We walk down the street “Son Cabot” straight (on our left, we have a fantastic view of the bay of Alcudia and the growing areas of Sa Pobla.) Overlooking the Church of Campanet.
  2. At the end of this street we go into the street “Es Pujol”
  3. After this comes the Street “Sant Miquel” which leads us to the “Plaza Mayor”, the square of Campanet with its large church.


WP Plaza Major Market Campanet

  1. We go past the church and down the main street Llorenc Riber down to the street Calle Sol on the real side. This we now follow up to the course Son Bordoy where a park with children’s playground and stunning views located on the Tramuntana.
  2. We take Calle Sol now back and keep us right at the end, on the Llorenc Riber until crossroad Calle Son Massanet. We follow to Calle Molinos.
  3. Am end of Calle Molinos, located in a unique, restored mill, situated in the residential part of Campanet with name Molino d’En Porret.


 Km 5 WP Molí d’en Porret

  1. We start from the mill Calle Molinos back to the end and turn right towards Ullaro.
  2. Follow the road around 1.5km Come, little by little we leave the village. Along the way, we have a beautiful view of the Sierra de Tramuntana and the valley of Sant Miquel
  3. The path is fairly steep and takes us to the small settlement Ullaro. Dier corner in front of the settlement, we turn left.


Km 7 WP Ullaró

  1. We keep left along the road to the ancient church of Ullaró
  2. We come now to a rocky dirt road, here begins the so-called “Cami de na pontoons” the later asphalted continues.
  1. Here we come past the fountain of Ullaró on which we can convince ourselves of the plainness of the water supply of these small communities.


Km 8 WP Cami de na Potons


  1. We will leave the dirt road behind us and are now on the paved path. (Be careful of the car traffic!)
    on the left we have a Cyprus Avenue which will be with us a piece.
  1. After 2 km we reach the Ermita de San Miguel.
  2. Let’s go before the Ermita left onto Camino Blanco we reach the hotel, just follow the signs.


Km 11 WP Final


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Hiking preparations:

– Appropriate walking shoes
– A hat for sun protection
– Sunscreen Cream
– Take at least 2 liters of water per person with
– drink every 30 minutes
– Take rainproof clothing or a raincoat
– do not leave any garbage
– Respect the trail and the signs
– Do not disturb the wildlife of the region
– Collect no flowers or plants
– Please do not fire, and especially
take care of cigarettes !!!

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Trip Log

Distance: 8.75 Km

Duration: 2.5 hours

Ascent: 140 m

Descent: 140 m


Easy, apt for the entire family

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