Route Monnàber Nou – Penya d´es Migdia

Penya d'es Migdia


Short but pretty steep walk to the nearest peak of the Serra Tramuntana from the Monnàber estate. After a short stretch of beautifully mixted agricultural land of olive and carob groves we walk upstream of the usually dry torrent de Carrós. A steep trail through dense and spiny forest climbs up to the summit of the Puig Penya Migdia. From the summit you have stunning views of the inlands of Mallorca (Es Pla in Mallorquin). Our way back to the Monnàber estate goes over the same route. Although a short route, do not underestimate its difficulty; a steep and sometimes-slippery trail makes it a tuff climb.

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Km 0:00 WP M008 main entrance courtyard Monnàber Nou

  1. with his back to the archway: turn right (downhill, towards the target)
  2. to 80 m; 3-arm junction: turn right (fountain on your left; follow way, skewed to the right)
  3. by 70 m; Byway: turn left (road)
  4. to 40 m; T junction: turn right
  5. After 100 m; Y-junction: turn left (at the dumpsters ago)
  6. to 50 m; Iron gate: (ignore right fork) straight
  7. to 50 m; Iron gate: straight ahead (cross the almond tree field, diagonally right, vague path)
  8. to 200 m; Iron gate: straight
  9. immediately: T-junction: turn right (you pass through another gate)


Km 0.70 WP M036 white Cattle Barn 

  1. 1st intersection: straight (increase, direction sign “Tramuntana”)
  2. 400 meters; Riverbed: straight (blue / yellow marking)
  3. 100 meters; right fork ignore (Follow the blue / yellow markings)


Km 1:20 WP M037 crossroads blue / yellow routes

  1. immediate turn: turn left (towards Penya Migdia d’es)
  2. Follow the uphill zigzag path, then along the stone wall and the narrowing ridge, always follow the most on rising through the option
  3. 350 meters; a rope helps high: straight


Km 2:00 WP M038 flat area with fantastic views

  1. Look out for the way among the grass (a little further you are back on the ridge)
  2. 150 meters; Go left around the big rock (then again on the ridge, follow the marker stones)
  3. 150 meters; second planar surface (from here is the ridge close)
  4. Follow the vague path straight
  5. After 100 m; Arrive limestone cliffs past (follow the blue dots and marker stones)


Km 2.80 WP M039 Summit Penya Migdia d’es

  1. You go the same route back, stay on the same ridge, slight curve to the left
  2. to 1.55 km:

Km 4:25 WP M037 junction Blue / Yellow Route


disregard 1st side branch; straight (go under the bridge)

  1. 100 meters; Junction: turn left (along the fence through the olive grove)
  2. 400 meters:


Km 4.75 WP M036 White Cattle Barn

1st intersection: straight (continued on gravel road)

  1. to 70 m; Intersection: turn left (through iron gate)
  2. Cross the Mandelbaum field, diagonally right (vague path)
  3. 200 meters; Iron gate: straight
  4. 50 meters; Iron gate: (not note left fork) straight
  5. to 50 m; 3-arm junction: right abbieggen (nearby dumpster)
  6. to 100 m; Junction: turn left (road)
  7. to 40 m; T junction: turn right (path follow, skewed to the left, to the fountain over)
  8. to 70 m; 3-arm junction: turn left (through the archway)
  9. to 80 m:


Km 5:30 WP M008 main entrance courtyard Monnàber Nou

End of tour



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Route Penya d´es Migdia - 4stars monnaber - Hotel Rural Monnaber Nou Mallorca

Hiking preparations:

– Appropriate walking shoes
– A hat for sun protection
– Sunscreen Cream
– Take at least 2 liters of water per person with
– drink every 30 minutes
– Take rainproof clothing or a raincoat
– do not leave any garbage
– Respect the trail and the signs
– Do not disturb the wildlife of the region
– Collect no flowers or plants
– Please do not fire, and especially
take care of cigarettes !!!

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Trip Log

5.3 Km




Short but difficult, be careful in case of rain

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